autoclavable small joint arthroscopes | conmed

Autoclavable Small Joint Arthroscopes | CONMED

Autoclavable Small Joint Arthroscopes Product Overview CONMED's Autoclavable Arthroscopes offer excellent optical performance with state-of-the-art optical systems. Sapphire lenses ensure durability, decreasing costly repairs.

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arthrex - autoclavable scopes

Arthrex - autoclavable scopes

autoclavable scopes. The StarFish™ Scope Rotation Attachment is a rotational control device that easily attaches to the proximal end of the arthroscope, enabling the surgeon to change the direction of view of the scope with one hand. The StarFish enables the surgeon's non-camera hand to be continually engaged in instrument manipulation.

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4mm hd autoclavable arthroscopes | conmed

4mm HD Autoclavable Arthroscopes | CONMED

4mm HD Autoclavable Arthroscopes Product Overview CONMED's 4mm HD Arthroscope features state-of-the-art optics with an innovative scope-sheath interface. Videos & Documents

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arthroscopes and videoarthroscopes | smith & nephew - …


4.0 mm x 30° Autoclavable: 160 mm working length: 3895: 4.0 mm x 70° Autoclavable: 160 mm working length: 7208132: 4.0 mm x 30° Autoclavable: 175 mm working length: 7205548: Aluminum oxide vial for cleaning autoclavable endoscope lenses: 7210721: Protective cap for autoclavable scopes. Fits 4.0 mm and 5.5 mm scopes. Package of 70.

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arthrex - synergy arthroscopes

Arthrex - Synergy Arthroscopes

Arthrex’s autoclavable arthroscopes are designed and optimized for the SynergyUHD4 camera system to provide superb image quality, as well as robust durability. The scopes produce superior clinical imagery with a few key features: • By producing realistic anatomy with low barrel distortion

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scopes | stryker

Scopes | Stryker

Tubular optical instruments used to provide a view of internal patient anatomy during examination, diagnosis, and therapy during general endoscopic procedures.

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healthmark industries - instrument trays - scope trays

Healthmark Industries - Instrument Trays - Scope Trays

This Long Scope Instrument Tray is specially designed for long rigid scopes and other delicate instruments. Manufactured of lightweight by durable polypropylene, this tray is compatible with steam, EO and gasplasma sterilization. In addition, the inside of the container also features silicone grips that securely hold the scope and instruments

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videoarthroscopes, autoclavable

VideoArthroscopes, Autoclavable

7205548 Aluminum oxide vial for cleaning autoclavable endoscope lenses 7210721 Protective cap for autoclavable scopes. Fits 4.0 mm and 5.5 mm scopes. Package of 70. REF Outer Diameter Direction of View Field of View Working Length Light Post Direction Cannula Connection Recommended Light Cable 4184 1.9 mm 30° 80° 67 mm Opposite JLock 2.0 mm

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accessories & peripherals | pentax medical (korea)

Accessories & Peripherals | PENTAX Medical (Korea)

State-of-the-art accessories product line for diagnosis and treatment in endoscopy. Our commitment to quality. Safe and successful endoscopy depends upon the use of a finely tuned endoscopic system of components.This is the underlying principle behind PENTAX Medical’s commitment to a product line of therapeutic accessories with the highest possible level of quality.

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riflescopes - cabela's

Riflescopes - Cabela's

    • Cabela's Covenant5 SFP Riflescope. (3) Wide magnification range. Transitions well between close …

      Rigid Scopes - Chicago Medical Sales

      olympus a50372a laparoscope, 5mm, 0 degree (rigid scope). the laparoscope is in good working ..

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precision ideal eyes hd autoclavable laparoscopes | stryker

Precision Ideal Eyes HD autoclavable laparoscopes | Stryker

Precision Ideal Eyes HD autoclavable laparoscopes Scopes Precision Ideal Eyes Laparoscopes feature redesigned optics including an aspherical lens to improve image clarity at the outer edge*, providing a consistent image from center to edge.

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quality policy | endoscopy store

Quality Policy | Endoscopy Store

EDC-STORE 1701 Room No. 10 building, Sibao Road 298 Songjiang District, Shanghai 201601, China. E-mail: Tel: 021.57896696 Phone: 86.13524690820

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urology cystoscopes, autoclavable, cystoscopy, cysto

Urology Cystoscopes, Autoclavable, Cystoscopy, Cysto

The Tru-Vu Laser Cystoscope comes with a 23 FR small diameter sheath. With a 100% surgical grade stainless steel construction, the Tru-Vu® Laser Cystoscope can be cleaned easily and is steam autoclavable. AED’s cystoscopes are adaptable with Storz, ACMI, and Wolf systems.

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sterilization trays plastic and metal | millennium surgical

Sterilization Trays Plastic and Metal | Millennium Surgical

Autoclavable plastic instrument trays with features such as silicone mats and bars, and insert trays. Closed containers for Immediate Use / Flash Sterilization; Extensive line of micro instrument trays ideally designed to support micro instruments. Laparoscopic, Cath, Mayo, and Rigid Endoscope trays with repositionable silicone inserts.

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endoscopes - degree autoclavable

Endoscopes - Degree Autoclavable

Series Olympus Oem Endoscope Insertion Tube Endoscope Model Degree Autoclave Olympus Osf Wolf Laparoscope Sigmoidoscope Endoscope 10Mm 0 Degree Endoscopy Endoscope

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